Open Up your Body and Mind

Our Stretch classes include Mat Pilates, Barre and Yoga, and are designed to not only open up your body but also your mind. With the aim to improve your performance in these physical activities whilst enabling your muscles to work most effectively, we provide an environment where you can challenge your mind to explore new pathways, slow down and be nurtured.

Mat Pilates

Inspired by Joseph Pilates, the originator of the technique, our Pilates programmes will help you strengthen your 'Power house'. This is the term that refers to your abdominal wall, lower back muscles, pelvic floor, hips and glutes. We will help you build, tone and sculpt these muscles, as well as support your postural alignment to help with injury prevention. These low-impact exercises are perfect for those who spend hours hunched over a desk or perform repetitive movement patterns throughout the day.

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Each energising Barre class at Repose will focus on your lower body and core, turning the physically demanding exercises from the Ballet technique into a fun yet challenging class. Strengthen, align and elongate are the main aims in this programme.

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We aim to increase your flexibility, muscle strength, tone and revitalise your energy and vitality, for both a balanced mind and body. We offer two types of Yoga: Ashtanga & Vinyasa. Ashtanga Yoga includes moral and ethical guidelines, postures, breath work, concentration and meditation. Whilst Vinyasa Yoga links breath to movement, with a quicker pace and has a flowing rhythm. 

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