We offer a variety of nutritious salads, snacks as well as shakes, cold-pressed juices, coffee and tea. Shakes can be ordered in advance to provide vitamin and mineral rich fast nutrition before and after training at your convenience. Ingredients used in this zone are only of the highest quality - fresh, seasonal, organic and unprocessed. This is to ensure that you are filling your bodies with nothing but the best.

Protein Shakes

Repose offers you protein and meal shakes at our bar, bringing you a range of different shake options from whey to vegan protein. Shakes are a convenient way to increase your intake of protein which is needed to support muscle growth and a host of other bodily functions.

Customised Drinks

Choose from a selection of add-ons when ordering your drink from various types of milk to active ingredients with specific functionalities such as CBD oil.

Organic Coffee

We only use the finest certified organic coffee which is ecologically pure and has no traces of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides grown into the beans. In addition to these health benefits, we support organic farming, which is responsible, sustainable and environment friendly.

Organic Tea

To maintain an overall balanced lifestyle tea is the go-to hot beverage. Tea contains substances linked to a lower risk for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes which is why drinking tea is an absolute must when it comes to health and wellness.