Our zones

Deep dive into our four zones, each unique in their surroundings and energy - giving you the ultimate holistic experience.


In our Fitness zone, we offer modern and calming fitness studios, well equipped with the latest fitness equipment to cater to all schedules and class sizes in one flexible location. In this zone we offer the following fitness classes in our studios: AntiGravity which includes Aerial Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pilates & Suspension Fitness, Repose also offers Reformer Pilates, Yoga, Pilates & Barre experiences.

Biohacking Lab

In our Wellness zone, we offer innovative wellness services such as Cryotherapy, Infrared Saunas and PBM in a relaxing and contemporary space to ensure that all of our clients truly experience the full health and wellness experience, not just from within, but exuding from the space around them.

Beauty Treatments

Our Spa Zone consists of a truly calming and contemporary space where clients can seek clarity and feel completely comfortable whilst enjoying our array of Spa services from bespoke massages to innovative facial massages to various other body therapy services.


Release your stress and tensions with our world-class meditation techniques formulated especially to re-energise, re-focus and re-balance from within.