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Contrast Therapy

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What Are The Benefits of Contrast Therapy?

Combined the power of cold immersion from our ice bath with the heat of our infrared sauna to maximise detoxification through alternating temperature exposure.

Enhanced Muscle Recovery

Stress Relief & Relaxation

Improved Mental Health

Improved Circulation

Boost Immune System

Boost Energy Levels

The Power of Contrasting Temperatures

Contrast therapy involves alternating between two contrasting temperatures, hot coming from our infrared sauna and cold coming from our cold plunge. The process typically starts with a few minutes in the hot treatment followed by a shorter period in the cold treatment. This cycle is repeated for a set number of times, usually ending with the cold treatment.

Alternating between hot and cold temperatures can stimulate blood flow, improve oxygen and nutrient delivery to tissues, help alleviate muscle soreness, and even potentially enhance the body's ability to fight off illnesses.

Individuals undergoing contrast therapy should expect to experience a range of sensations, from the intense heat of the hot treatment inducing sweating and relaxation to the shock of the cold treatment leading to vasoconstriction and a burst of energy.

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