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Repose Treatments

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Repair & Recentre


Rejuvenate and revitalise your skin with our innovative facial treatments. Our Selection of facial treatments at Repose.

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Body Massages

Our wide range of body massages provide a number of benefits such as faster recovery, improved blood pressure and circulation as well as lowering toxin levels.

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Body Therapies

Our body therapies were chosen to compliment the selection of Repose offerings and use a range of state-of-the-art non-invasive equipment.

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We have carefully selected a range of holistic treatments to complete your Repose journey. Our treatment area is designed to maximise your health & wellness experience. All of our practitioners are experts in their field to ensure you receive a divine experience.


Nadia is an osteopath with over 20+ year of experiences whom recognises the importance of personalise care & is passionate about helping you understand your body.


Laura is a passionate and skilled wellness therapist with nearly 10 years’ experience in massage business. She believes that being healthy means taking care of yourself and that starts with taking care of your body.
Laura specializes in holistic/therapeutic massage approach and combines various modalities to achieve optimal wellness that target both physical and emotional wellbeing. Her superpower is Lymphatic Drainage, Muscle Relaxation, Anti-cellulite and Face massages.


Maria is a versatile face and body therapist focused on enhancing your body's natural function, promoting improved circulation and a faster metabolism. Specializing in vacuum cupping therapy, lymphatic treatments, anti-cellulite methods, and sculpting massages, she alleviates tension from both your body and face muscles.



With 15 years of expertise in human anatomy & physiology, Sergey customises massage techniques & their intensity for each individual. His treatments span a range of focuses, including preventive care, health enhancement, anti-cellulite therapies, relaxation methods, lymphatic drainage, cupping massage, stress reduction, & traditional approaches.


Mesut is a multi-faceted professional skilled in Sports Therapy, Strength Coaching, PT, and Biomechanics. With 16+ years' experience, Mesut specialises in personalised programs to enhance performance. As a seasoned Tutor, Mesut also educate others in these fields, aiming for holistic well-being beyond traditional fitness coaching.