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New Hot & Cold Therapy

New Contrast Therapy Room including an Infrared Sauna & Cold Plunge, Hyperbaric Chamber + Upgraded PBM Bed & Infrared Sauna! Register your interest below to get a FREE Cold Plunge Session.

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Experience all Repose has to offer and enjoy 3x Group Classes 3x Biohackings + 30% OFF any single treatment for just £119.

- Valid for 14 Days.

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Biohacking Intro Offer | £99

3x Biohacking Sessions
Enjoy Cryotherapy, Red Light Therapy & Infrared Sauna for just £33 per session with this special offer.

- Valid for 7 Days

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Temporary Membership | £300

Not here for long?
This membership includes unlimited access to all our classes with the added bonus of 5x Biohacking sessions.

- Valid for 2 Weeks.

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Schedule a session with our consultants to navigate through our wide range of offerings and uncover your tailored path. Delve into treatments, biohacking methods, and classes to find your unique wellness solution


Fitness Classes

Define and strengthen your body with our specialist fitness portfolio, tailored to create beautiful bodies and clear minds utilising both form and function. With our wide range of classes, we bring you master trainers and exclusive techniques and concepts at one destination.