Meet the Repose Team

Meet our team of highly-trained and passionate instructors that have years of experience in the health and fitness industry.


Daria Ivanova

Daria is a highly sought-after personal trainer in the fields of EMS training and AntiGravity. Her wellness knowledge is second to none having immersed herself in the global wellness scene for the last five years. Daria’s impressive client list benefits from her focus on holistic health. Her contacts include London’s most desirable health, beauty and nutrition professionals. Hailing from Russia, and being a part of a family of high-achieving sports stars, Daria is driven to make Repose a space which pushes the boundaries of the London fitness market, by combining the very best wellness elements from Eastern Europe, Germany and the US.

Head of AntiGravity Fitness

Nuno Campos

Nuno is an accomplished Dancer, Choreographer and Director with experience in both Dance and Fitness for more than 25 years. He has been an acclaimed tutor at leading Dance Schools such as London Studio Centre and the English National Ballet School. He is the head of the Fitness team at Repose Space and, as a qualified Antigravity Fitness teacher & trainer, will lead on AntiGravity Fitness education and Instructor training.