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repose reformer Pilates

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Repose Reformer Pilates combines classic as well as contemporary movements inspired by Joseph Pilates amazing original technique. Our machines work with a foot bar, carriage, pulleys, box and five springs of varying tension that can be adjusted to suit your fitness level or needs. We are excited to be using Peak Pilates Fit™ Reformers leading the way in Reformer innovation.

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You can view the schedule for pilates reformer classes in the calendar below. Log into your account to be able to scheduled your class online. Membership not required.

Fitness Classes

Pilates Reformer

Open Level (Beginners Welcome)

A versatile and inclusive workout suitable for everyone. This class merges traditional Pilates with tailored adjustments, enabling each participant to advance comfortably. Experience a well-rounded mix of strength, flexibility, and core exercises using the Pilates Reformer machine.

Intermediate / Advance

Crafted to push boundaries and foster continuous growth in your Pilates journey. Tailored for those craving heightened intensity and refinement, it offers progressive exercises targeting core strength, stability, and flexibility. Engage in intricate movements that enhance body control and precision for a dynamic, invigorating session

Jump Board

This session elevates traditional reformer pilates by incorporating the jump board, adding a dynamic challenge to your workout. Improve cardiovascular endurance, strength, and coordination with controlled, low-impact movements. Suitable for all levels, our experienced instructors provide modifications and challenges, ensuring an engaging workout for everyone.

Pre & Post NATAL

A supportive and tailored class designed to cater to the unique needs of expectant and new mothers. Led by instructors specializing in prenatal and postnatal fitness, this class provides a safe and effective way to maintain strength, flexibility, and overall well-being throughout your journey into motherhood.