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Detox & Unwind

Infrared saunas use light to make heat through a narrow band of energy. This type of energy can travel 40-45mm deep into the body whereas a regular sauna uses heat to warm the air.

The optimum temperature of an infrared sauna is between 30-60 degrees celsius. Raising core body temperature is beneficial in the stimulation of heat shock proteins which help with cellular repair and modulation.

Why Infrared Sauna?


The primary function of an infrared sauna is to detoxify the whole body more efficiently from harmful substances which are not produced from normal sweat methods such as exercise that mostly contain water and sodium chloride.

The composition of sweat found during an infrared sauna is different to steam and other hot saunas as it contains not only water but also harmful elements such as:

  • Heavy metals
  • Cholesterol
  • Ammonia
  • Fat soluble vitamins & other elements.

Infrared Sauna's also helps in increasing our immune response, promote cardio vascular health, enhance recovery, lymphatic drainage, plus rejuvenate and stabilise cells to prevent mutations and defects.